Sustainable Showering: Mira's Commitment to Quality, Innovation, and Spare Parts.

Sustainable Showering by Mira

Mira Showers is the most recognised shower brand in the UK, manufacturing high-quality showering products, including showers, fittings, enclosures, trays and wall panels.

From creating the first thermostatic mixer to pioneering the first dual-outlet electric shower – innovation and quality are Mira’s obsessions.

Mira products give you the ultimate shower experience with the peace of mind that Mira strives to make a positive impact by embedding sustainability into every product they make and the process behind them.

Mira Decor Electric Shower

Kohler and Mira Showers Sustainability Values

Mira’s parent company, the family-owned Kohler established in 1873, has a social impact strategy under the over-arching philosophy of “Believing in Better”.

Kohler’s sustainable actions include:

  • Adopting 100% renewable electricity by 2035.
  • A target of reducing resource usage by 3% a year.
  • Achieving net zero scope 1 and 2 emissions.
  • Reducing and recycling waste generated and water waste.

Sustainable Development Goals

Climate action is one of Kohler Mira’s key sustainable development goals. With the installation of 1,820 solar panels at their National Distribution Centre (NDC), the building has a 500 KW resource capacity of renewable energy.

Mira also tracks where waste goes and who collects it. They have eliminated all waste-to-landfill at their Hull facility and the majority at their Cheltenham HQ, with most bio-based waste going to energy production and most recyclable materials going to recycling sites.

My Mira isn’t Working, and I Need a Spare Part for my Shower!

Mira’s dedication to sustainability and innovation, along with the availability of genuine spare parts, gives consumers peace of mind and a reliable showering experience.

Designed and built to work well beyond the warranty period, Mira HQ is committed to extending the lifetime of all Mira showers. That’s why Mira provides a comprehensive range of spare parts that aim to restore your shower’s reliability and performance.

Mira Sport Electric Shower Parts Diagram

All Mira spare parts and components are exhaustively tested so you can guarantee their performance. That’s because Mira focuses on quality. It’s been at the heart of the Mira shower design and engineering approach for over 100 years.

Precision engineered, manufactured and tested at Mira, whatever the issue with your Mira shower, UK Spares will supply you with original Mira spare parts to help get your Mira shower back up to peak performance ASAP.

Find genuine Mira Electric Shower spare parts online now.

How can I identify which Mira shower I have?

There should be a model name or number on the front of your shower, such as Mira Sport, Mira 415, or Mira Coda.

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