Cleaning and Troubleshooting Your Dimplex Optimyst Electric Fire

Dimplex Optimyst Electric Fires feature a stunningly realistic flame effect, beautiful design and the convenience of an electrical powered device.

We’ve put together the following tips to help ensure the optimal performance of your Optimyst fire to continue enjoying the warmth of a real fire with just a flick of a switch.

Extending the Optimyst Fire with Simple, Regular Maintenance

The Dimplex Optimyst Transducer

The visual heart of the Optimyst fire range, the Optimyst transducer, is an electrical device containing a glass disk that creates an ultra-fine mist vital to the realistic flame effect.

Extending the Life of Your Transducer

  • Use filtered tap water: Dimplex recommends using only filtered tap water in the Optimyst range. Unfiltered tap water may contain impurities or debris that can build up on the transducer, affecting its performance.
  • Do not use de-ionised or distilled water: The Optimyst fire auto shut-off operates by detecting minerals in the water not found in de-ionised water. Do not use distilled water for the same reason.
  • Don’t allow the water to stand unused in the fire for over two weeks.
  • Periodically clean the transducer and water bottle: Regularly remove the transducer and clean it, along with the water bottle, to prevent mineral deposits or limescale buildup.

Cleaning Your Optimyst Fire

Regular cleaning of your Optimyst fire is essential for maintaining its performance and visual appeal. Follow these steps:

  1. First clean out the sump. Access the sump by removing the fuel bed, and water bottle.
  2. Using the two retaining clips either-side, unclip and remove the mist nozzle. Unplug the transducer from the power jack and lift out the transducer.
  3. Lift out the sump tank being careful not to spill any residual water. At a sink rinse out the sump tank with tap water, using a dry cloth or paper towel to wipe clean and dry.
  4. Replace the sump into your Dimplex Optimyst using the guiding slot on the side of the sump into the casing.
  5. Replace the transducer, locating it into its recess on the bottom of the sump using the small tab to help properly orientate the transducer. Plug the transducer cable into the power jack, ensuring that the cable is routed through the guidance slot on the side of the sump tank.
  6. Secure the mist nozzle back in place with the red retaining clips, replacing the water bottle and fuel bed.
  7. While removed, refill the water bottle unscrewing the screwtop over a sink refill the water bottle. It is important that filtered water is used to help avoid limescale build up within your Dimplex Optimyst.
  8. Replace the screw top ensuring a watertight seal but being careful not to over tighten. Replace the water bottle and fuel bed and turn on your Optimyst.

How often should I clean my Optimyst fire?

To keep your Optimyst fire running smoothly, clean it every two weeks.

Finding Your Dimplex Instruction Manual

You can find the specific cleaning instructions and other relevant information in your Optimyst fire instruction manual. If you have misplaced your manual, Dimplex provides instruction manuals for Optimyst models on the Dimplex website (

Troubleshooting Common Optimyst Fire Issues

The fire is on, but there is no flame effect.

If the lights on your Optimyst fire come on, but there is no flame effect, perform the following checks:

  • Ensure the transducer is correctly seated in the sump unit, and the wire is properly routed and connected.
  • If everything appears in order and the flame effect still doesn’t work, you may need to replace the transducer.

What Transducer does the Optimyst use?

The Optimyst fire range uses a M011B Ultransmit Transducer.

The fire is on, but the flame effect looks dull.

If your Optimyst flame effect looks dull, ensure all the lamps are illuminated and clean.

If any lights are off, ensure they are fitted correctly and consider replacing them if necessary.

What lamp does the Optimyst use?

The lamps are MR16 12V 45W Amber coloured lamps.

Getting Support from Dimplex on Other Issues

We recommended contacting Dimplex support for more complex issues like heating problems or other concerns.

They can guide you through the troubleshooting process and help you identify your model and parts needed.

If you need help diagnosing any problems with your Dimplex Optimyst fire, contact Dimplex on 0344 879 3588.

Getting Original Dimplex Optimyst Fire Spare Parts

Sometimes, when cleaning and maintenance isn’t enough, your Optimyst Fire will need a new fan, lamp, PCB, transducer or other replacement parts.

UK Spares has got you covered for all genuine Dimplex Optimyst Fire Spares.

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